When Regan was governor of California in the late 60s he closed all the orphanages and the mental institutions. Today, children who belong in orphanages are placed in youth correction facilities with convicted juveniles. The insanity of this development has gone unchecked for more than 50 years.

I worked with a program in the San Francisco Bay Area that placed 18 children in non-profit housing programs. That was .001% of the estimated 60,000 orphans in the Bay Area. There have been several private homes that have been created since the 1960s but still there are not enough to house these children.

It is our intention to create homes for every single child throughout the U.S. These will not be typical orphanages you have seen in the movies where the children are mistreated and neglected. Most often the children are used as cheap labor resources. Our orphanages will be more like a family home operated by people who truly care about the children’s welfare. They will have ample funds to make sure the children never feel like they are not as good as others who have their parents in their homes.