UBI will develop educational programs as we delve into our first high school program, Ultimate Business-High Schools. But that is only the beginning.

Our high school and University students will access courses primarily developed in multimedia such as Kahn Academy and New Tech Technology.

We will have a Visiting Instructors Program to introduce our students to a much broader range a curriculum than typical educational facilities. It will include everything from Arts to Zoology.

Our 4 year University will leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering the widest variety of courses to stimulate young and mature minds alike.

We will open our doors to entrepreneurs of every age and develop programs which will involve coaching, management, prototypes, manufacturing and distribution.

Our Single Mother’s program includes onsite entrepreneurial programs to discover their skills, passion and abilities along with personal guidance to ensure their success.

Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) suffer from the status of being recognized as a not for profit entity. We will generate educational programs target at the NPOs to create a business for profit environment.

Where most people will interpret our Youth Sports Camps as a great break for inner-city youth to gain exposure to professional sports training, our programs will include enhanced educational processes to solidify with the youth why education has an irrefutably positive life-long effect.