Our Architectural teams will have monumental tasks of designing one of the most unique projects ever conceived.

The Campus will be comprised of two schools, 18 dorm wings, two chapels, two auditoriums, a championship golf course, 850 residences, over a million sq ft in manufacturing, staff offices, grocery store, company store, restaurants, school for staff children, university, dorms, faculty housing, faculty offices and auditorium.

  • 2 Schools
  • 18 Dorm Wings
  • 2 Chapels
  • 2 Auditoriums
  • Championship Golf Course
  • 850 Residences
  • Manufacturing
  • Staff Offices
  • Grocery Store
  • Company Store
  • Restaurants
  • School for Staff Children
  • University
  • Dorms
  • Faculty Housing
  • Faculty Offices
  • Auditorium

Simultaneously, the architects will be designing our entertainment village, Destacar Jewel (Spotlight on Belize). It will open once we have 1,000 hotel rooms and amenities and will be complete when there are 100,000 rooms. The entire village will consist of replicas of the most famous hotels in the world. There will be an amphitheater, two championship golf courses and more than 225 restaurants and 200 retail stores.