Feed the World is the first of the Ultimate Business International divisions we will launch. Since we will grow enough crops to feed 20,000 people a year and only have 7,500 residents on each campus, we will have a surplus to provide those in need especially after international disasters.

Our hemp crops will be used to produce clothing, shoes, backpacks, pop-up tents, and even hats. We will manufacture a two-piece PVC pipe with a filter to pump a gallon of muddy or salt water and create fresh drinking water.




The Ultimate Business High School programs are designed to give our abandoned kids at risk the best education available. They will be remanded to UBU by judges at 15 when they kids have been picked up for minor crimes. They have no parents able to provide or protect them. But they will emerge in 3 years with the best education available.

They will be grandfathered in to our 4 year university built on the same property.




Ultimate Business High School in Australia will be our second campus and will be a duplicate of what we build in Belize but it will be for the Aboriginal children. This campus will launch our the first of our exchange programs.




Ultimate Business High School in Belize will be the flagship of our 20+ schools we will build within the first 20 years of operation. It will include all of the required curriculum in multi media and have a Visiting Instructor’s Program to offer the broadest possible range of courses for our youth.

Programs are designed to give our   advantage of the best education available from agriculture, livestock, landscaping, wood working, auto shop, cooking, marketing, professional speaking, writing, acting and many more courses.




The main website for Ultimate Business University is the one started in 2010 and has more than 100 pages and more than 200 posts. Throughout the years I have kept logs of experiences I’ve had regarding UBU.

There are great articles and resources for youth on the site. There are videos on the site about the programs we will include on campus.




The Youth Cycs-bannerhoir Sing Off is designed to involve local youth in community projects. We’ll have city wide singing contests held at churches and high schools. Judges will be from the music and media industries.

The proceeds will be used to create scholarships for the winner’s college education or skills development. The contests will start in the United States and eventually they will be an international event.

youthsportsOur Youth Sports Program is headed up by Vida Blue. We will organize inner-city youth who are interested in sports. We’ll bring them to Belize for a two-week camp where they will receive coaching from professional sports personalities. The major point of the process is to entice our students to do well in school.