Ultimate Business International is a multidimensional program designed to address the needs around the world for those who are impoverished and left behind by programs which typically address hunger and poverty as well as a focus on creating better education systems.

Sharyn Abbott
Sharyn Abbott

The concept of the high school began in 2000 when my brother Tony (who was adopted by my parents when he was 5) and I were talking about the unimaginable  horrors he was exposed to prior to coming to live with us. These stories would give anyone nightmares and it broke my heart to think he had to live with unspeakable experiences prior to being five.

It all started as a “what if” conversation and then began to take root. The more often I talked about it, the more traction it had. But it wasn’t until the suffering economy in 2011 forced me to look at my entrepreneurial training program. I decided to end the 20 year run to focus on UBU. I also was speaking to support my ten published books, but UBU began to have a life of it’s own.

It truly is magical! I was in Dallas in 2010 at an event when I heard the man standing next to me say something about Belize. I tapped him on his shoulder and said “I’m going to build a school in Belize.” We talked for a few minutes and three days later I received an email from him saying he would support me in any way possible. It was signed “Honorable Tench”. When I Googled his name it turns out he’s the Honorary Consulate to Belize based in Dallas!

I have a hundred stories about meeting just the right person, finding the right program and being at the right place at the right time. It truly feels as though I am guided every step of the way.

We have an amazing team of more than 300 people who will be moving to Belize with me. Their hearts are 100% in this for the children we will be helping.

Our funding was approved by an individual investor in 2012 and was set to be released March 2013 when the IMF (International Monetary Fund) and many three-letter agencies decided to freeze all major funds until the Global Currency Reform (GCR) took place. I was assured it would be a matter of two to three months. But when it passed the six month mark I began to look for methods of securing the funds without having to count on the help of others.

I decided to take advantage of the Monetary Reform (GCR) and sold everything I had over the next six months until I reached a point where the currency I hold in the name of UBU will be able to fund the entire project.

I dream at night of being in Belize, the school finished and I’m walking the property, listening to the laughter of the children. I can smell the clean fresh air, feel the breeze on my face, even sense the liveliness of the campus.

I am always surprised to wake up and find myself still here in the states!

But soon, very soon, we will all be able to move forward with this amazing project!