Each of our Departments is designed to work with a department Director. The Directors will choose their own teams to work with them, expanding as the project grows. So far there are 38 Divisions/Departments.

We will continue to monitor the needs of the team to make sure we have the employees we need to do a great job addressing the needs of the multiple countries we will be working with.

Our Operations Division will be the heart and soul of our organization’s efficiency. It will be up to this Division to make sure we have the proper support as required to make sure our project has the best help we can obtain.

Operations employees will be assigned to various positions as required. One day one of our team could be working with the COO to make sure his need of processes and procedures are property executed. The next day they might be working with the design team to help make sure new concepts are carried out with the most expeditious manner.

We have created an amazing group of talented individuals who are ready to take on multiple tasks and will manage to constantly keep our team prepared for whatever arises.