Millennium Women Housing

Years ago I conducted a training for a Welfare 2 Work program in San Francisco. It was amazingly successful. The women were coached to start their own businesses. The created a business and had a a coach to guide them through the process.

It was wildly impressive! Some of these women were third generation welfare recipients. They were able to break the mold with a bit of encouragement.

Our Millennium Women Housing program will start in New Orleans. We will launch a community with 100 condominiums for welfare women with children. They will be pre-screened to qualify for the program. No boyfriends will be allowed on the property. That will be a part of the agreement.

The women will receive a crash course in entrepreneurship, have testing to reveal their innate skills so the business they launch will suit their natural talents and be assigned a management consultant to guide them toward their successful endeavor.

The children will be home-schooled by the best programs available and teachers will be provided to guide the kids through the education programs.

The women will have two years to create a business which will support them and their children independent of any additional resource. They will receive 50% credit for the rent they have paid will be given to put a down payment on a home which they will qualify through our company owned bank. They will pay simple interest rather than compounded interest.

Eventually we will have a Millennium Women Housing in every major city across the U.S. where welfare programs are prominent.