Innovation & Inventions

Other than our Incubator program, we’ll have an entire division to help people who have anything from a one-off invention to those who might have multiple inventions. We will also re-invent products that might have a broader use if reduced in size or updated with newer technology.

We will also be looking at technology that might have been left behind and forgotten. Simple alterations to an existing product could easily make it more viable to market in our current environment.

Our team will look the world over for the unusual and for things that can change the world as we know it today. One of the first products we’ll create is a two-piece PCV pipe with three filters. It can be used to generate a gallon of 99% pure drinking water from a mud puddle or from the ocean.

Imagine being able to provide pure drinking water to all those around the world who have experienced an international disaster or have no access to healthy drinking water.