Bienestar, our Wellness Centers will accommodate those who are struggling with illness of any kind. The technology has bee available for more than 50 years but have been kept from the general public.

Nearly every illness can be cured without drugs or surgery. Of course there are times where Western medicine is necessary, but contrary to common belief, our bodies can heal most illness can be healed with very little nudging from herbs, alternative modalities and learning how to use foods to gain optimal health.

Imagine a world where there is no more arthritis, diabetes, headaches, heart disease or even organ failure. Think about how many of our veterans have come home missing limbs and have been abandoned by our own government when there has been miracle devices that can replace limbs and get people out of wheelchairs due to injuries.

Our Bienestar Team consists of doctors, nurses and those practicing various modalities. They will insure our team stays healthy as well as all their family and friends.