Our Divisions and Foundations cover a broad spectrum. It is our desire to find methods that are effective which will change the world to make it a better place to live. These are the management teams directing each division.

Ultimate Business International

Sharyn Abbott, Founder & CEO
Joseph Joy, CBDO
Marc Levy, CLO
Thomas Selvaggio, COO
Andrew Sims, CFO

 Business Development

  • Indranil Das, Director of Business Development
  • Moma Dimitrijevic, Director of Business Development
  • Ben Toppin, Director of Project Managers

Automotive Design

    • Tharun Arthanari, Director of Aut0 Design & Mfg

Auto Restoration

    • Jon Marshall, Director of Auto Restoration

Destacar Jewell Management

    • Lee Daugherty, Hospitality General Manager
    • Karan Kampani, Hospitality General Manager
    • Herold Mora, Hospitality General Manager
    • Gary Sterling, Destacar Project Manager
    • Pablo Zozaya, Architect-Destacar

Destacar Jewell Performance

      • Tee Crane, Director Music Festivals
      • Gareth Jenkins, Director Bands
      • Shawn Medeiros, Director Live Music
      • Sharif Williams, Director Live Music

Destacar Hospitality

      • Herold Mora, Hospitality General Manager
        Sergio Orpinela, Resort Manager

Dive Programs

      • Michael Davis, Director of Dive Programs

Financial Projections

      • Jorge Medina, Director
        Bothwell Ndou, Director
        Guillermo Trigo, Director
        Claudia Zambrono, Director


Innovation & Inventions

      • Don Baker, Director Innovation
      • Piotr Bober, Business Development Manager
      • Kapil Mittal, International Business Development
      • Guillermo Zozaya, Executive Director of Marketing

Legal Division

      • Marc Levy, CLO
      • Josheph Usher, Legal Council
      • Maryori Villarroel, Legal Council


Clothing Manufacturing

      • Abu Jahangir, Director of Textile Manufacturing

Food Processing

      • Agnes Bober, Director of Food Processing
      • Gabbie Dimitrijevic, Director Food Processing
      • Muhammad Imran, Director of Food Processing
      • Justino Palomo, Director of Food Manufacturing

Environmental Projects

      • Johandre Beylefeld, Director of Environmental Projects

Hemp Manufacturing

      • James Hoad, Director of Hemp Manufacturing


Ralph Taylor, COO


    • Ivan Camal
    • Rhonda Lowe

Construction Team

    • Robert Tillett, Director of Engineering
    • Hernan Villarroel, Construction Manager

Construction Pre-Fabrication

    • JoseLuis Preito, Director of Pre-fabrications

Construction Housing

    • Gary Schuitema, Director of Housing Construction

Interior Design


    • Ismail Geloglu, Director of Landscaping
    • Hans Jahnke, Director of Landscaping


Edward Harris, Operations Director


    • Fayaz Shamshudeen, Director of Payroll

Auto Mechanics

    • Juovenir Talastasin, Director of Automotive Maintenance
    • Amin Vega, Director of Auto Mechanics


    • Mokhtar Mrassli, Director of Belleza, Dermatology
    • Ele Serrablo, Director of Belleza

Community Outreach

    • Kenroy Ellis, Director of Community Training Programs
    • Brads Neal, Director Corporate Outreach

Human Resources

    • Edwin George, Director of Recruiting
    • Leon Oosthuizen, Director of Human Resources
    • Armin Rivera, Director of Recruiting
    • Cesar Rodriguez, Director of Human Resources

Information & Technology

    • Robert E. Lee, Director of Information and Technology
    • Julio Cesar Picelli, CIO


Elzaan-Mari Beylefeld, Senior Executive Liaison


Sacha Meaux-Echendu, Director

Security Team

    • Ernest Carter, Director of Security
    • Ricardo Costa, Director of Security
    • Humbero Miranda, Director of Corporate Security
    • David Parkes, Director of Security Personnel
    • Deremiah Phillips, Director of Internal Security Services
    • Gordon Woods, Director of Security

Shipping Department

    • Jose Rosel Acosta, Director Warehouse
    • Marcelo Santini, Ship’s Captain
    • Mahmood Kanji, Director of International Shipping