Community Outreach

It’s important to be able to blend into Belize as we launch into Ultimate Business University. One of the best methods of generating well meaning is to involve as many people from Belize as possible. It’s our goal to employ 90% of our team from Belize but there’s much more we can do.

One of the first issues I discovered was that children who are 15 years old can not continue to attend high school unless their parents can pay for the education. We will provide job placement programs and we’ll even have positions on campus which will provide long-term job training for these kids and be able earn enough money to pay for their education.

We will have our Community Outreach team locate facilities where we can train all Belizeans in skills such as cooking for chef positions; auto mechanics; all construction jobs; landscaping, agriculture and even manufacturing. We will be able help find jobs and occasionally create businesses to employ those who can’t find jobs.

On one my visits to Belize it occurred to me a major benefit to the locals who make items would be to have vendor’s tables at the end of the international walkway. I even mentioned it to the Minister of Trade. Sure enough they started an are for vendors but the price to participate is beyond what most of the people can afford.

There are so many areas where the Belizeans can be helped to be able to earn enough money to support their families and we will do our best to identify them with our local Belizean Outreach team.