Millennium Employee Housing

One of the areas I was concerned about in having 90% of our employees being from Belize was how far away from the campus site they might live. Belize City is more than an hour away from our proposed campus location. Orange Walk is another half hour north west of our site.

Belize City was designed for 50,000 residence but just prior to March 2020 the population was 80,000. The overcrowding compounded with the unemployment rate skyrocketing from 13.9% in 2019 to 53% in 2021 has created an expected shortage of housing.

Looking at a solution lead me to come up with a plan to solve several challenges simultaneously. The ideal solution is to create a brand new town just for our employees who work with the livestock, agriculture and our Descatar Jewel entertainment village. The new town will accommodate approximately 25,000 employees and up to 100,000 residence. They will have there own schools, churches, stores and everything they need to be self-sustainable.