The Divsions of Ultimate Business International will inevitably drive the profitability of our project. Our Divisions and Foundations cover a broad spectrum. It is our desire to find methods that are effective which will change the world to make it a better place to live. These are the management teams directing each division.

Management – Ultimate Business International (parent to UBU)

  • Sharyn Abbott, Founder & CEO
  • Joseph Joy, Chief Business Development Officer
  • Marc Levy, CLO
  • Tom Salvaggio, COO
  • Andrew Sims, CFO
  • Ralph Taylor, COO, Construction

Binestar Medical Team

  • Dr Gil Paiz, Chief Medical Officer
  • Dr Marc Nadreau, Chief DC
  • Ken VanOsdol, Chief Medical Director
  • Gary Wolff, RN Executive Administrator Director of Bienestar Center

Business Development

  • Ricardo Cuadra, Business Development
  • Indranil Das, Director of Business Development
  • Moma Dimitrijevic, Director of Business Development
  • Ben Toppin, Director of Project Managers

Automobile Design, Invention & Manufacturing

  • Andrés Moreyra, Project Manager, 3D Automobile Division
  • Juovenir Talastasin, Director of Automobile Design

Automobile Restoration

  • Jon Marshall, Director Auto Restoration

Company Store

  • Silvia Lopez, Director of Boutiques
  • Mark Pilcher, Director of Retail Development

Destacar Jewell Hospitality Team

  • Herold Mora, Hospitality General Manager
  • Sergio Orpinela, Resort Manager

Destacar Jewell Management

  • Lee Daugherty, Hospitality General Manager
  • Jaime Hernández, Director of Housekeeping
  • Karan Kampani, Hospitality General Manager
  • Gary Sterling, Destacar Project Manager
  • Pablo Zozaya, Architect, Destacar

Destacar Jewell Performance and Activities Team

  • Tee Crane, Director of Music Programs
  • Michael Davis, Director of Dive Programs
  • Gareth Jenkins, Director Band Management
  • Shawn Medeiros, Director of Live Music Programs
  • Abdul Nahleh, Director of Dance Performance
  • Anas Nahleh, Director of Dance Performance
  • Sharif Williams, Director of Live Music Programs

Destacar Jewell Restaurant

  • Gabriela Arrúa, Restaurant Operations Manager
  • Lance Pelayo, Director of Food and Beverage

Financial Projections

  • Rami Al Qadi, Director of Financial Projections
  • Raffaele Falvo, Executive Director of Financial Projection
  • Bothwell Ndou, Director of Financial Projections
  • Hillary Nnamdi, Director of Financial Analysis
  • Guillermo Trigo, Director of Financial Projections


  • Deadra Williams, Director of Incubator Programs

Innovation & Inventions

  • Rasheed Arzu, Director of Marketing
  • Don Baker, Director Innovation & Inventions
  • Arin Bhowmik, Director of Customer Service
  • Piotr Bober, Business Development Manager
  • John Cissko, Director of Engineering-Inventions
  • Sergio Delgado, Director of Marketing
  • Dirceu Ferreira, Director of Marketing
  • Akhil George, Director of Writing
  • Nilesh Jetain, Director of Sales Inventions & Innovations
  • Kapil Mittal, Director of International Business Development
  • Emmanuel Suyog, Director of eCommerce
  • Ranji Thomas, Director of Business Development
  • Brent Van Der Vyver, Director of Sales
  • Guillermo Zozaya, Executive Director of Marketing

Manufacturing Management

ManufacturingClothing & Linen

  • Abu Jahanir, Director of Textile Manufacturing

Environmental Manufacturing

  • Bhavini Bawjee, Director of Alternative Energy – Wind
  • Johandre Beylefeld, Director of Environmental Projects
  • Jay Carter, Director of Environment, Health and Safety
  • Mitch Kamp, Alternative Energy
  • Lila York, Director of Environmental Processes

Food Processing

  • Agnes Krawczak-Bober, Director of Food Processing
  • Gabbie Dimitrijevic, Director of Food Processing
  • Muhammad Imran, Director of Food Processing
  • Justino Palomo, Director of Food Manufacturing

ManufacturingHealth and Beauty

  • Onyinyechi Maduakor, Manufacturing – Health and Beauty


  • James Hoad, Director of Hemp Manufacturing

Surfboard Design and Manufacturing

  • Felipe Prieto, Surfboard Design & Manufacturing


  • Tan De, Director of Printing

Construction: Architects,  Engineers, Landscaping & Construction

  • Ralph Taylor, COO, Construction


  • Samuel Alamilla, Architect Technician
  • Ivan Camal, Lead Architect
  • Jared Day, Architect Technician
  • Greg James, Director of Campus Planning
  • Rhonda Lowe, Architect
  • Rosalio Eliezer Penados, Architectrual Technician
  • Dariel Torres, CAD Designer
  • Pablo Zozaya, Architect, Destacar

Construction Team

  • Lino Alvarez, Project Manager
  • Harrison Anderson, Electrician
  • Shemar Bell, Construction – Apprentice
  • John Beltz, Director of Concrete Construction
  • Leonard Bonenberger, Director of Construction Equipment
  • Barrington Brown, Construction – Cabinetry
  • Jamir Osmani Caal, Plummer
  • Tony Collard, Construction Engineer
  • Jose Comco, Construction
  • Bill Ellingsworth, Team Leader
  • Oliver Hemsley, Construction
  • Omar Hussain, Construction Manager
  • Juan Carlos Macleod, Construction – Welder
  • Joshua John Marai, Construction – Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Thomas Mattia, Electrician – Apprentice
  • John Northrop, Director of Road Services
  • Stephen Pitzold, Construction
  • Taiel Plata, Construction – Electrician Apprentice
  • Baselio Pook, Construction Team
  • Mark Ramclam, Construction Team Driver & Maintenance
  • Jesus Saavedra, Civil Engineer
  • Ric Sitar, Structural Engineer
  • Pawan Solanke, Construction Project Manager
  • Mark Stephens, Construction Team
  • Jarren Sutherland, Construction Team
  • Tom Sterling, Project Manager
  • Phil Swanson, Site Manager
  • Taryn Thompson, Construction
  • Robert Tillett, Director of Engineering
  • Antonio Trujillo, Construction – Electrician
  • Hernan Villarroel, Construction Manager

Construction Pre-Fabrication

  • Jose Luis Preito, Director of Pre-Fabrications

Construction: Housing

  • Gary Schuitema, Director of Housing Construction

Interior Design


  • Ismail Geloglu, Director of Landscaping
  • Hans Jahnke, Director of Landscaping


Non Profit Education

Program Development

Visiting Instructors Program

  • Donatella Shine Lupetti, Director of Visiting Instructors Program


  • Director of Foundations
    • Lucy Wambui Ndungu, Director of International Relations
  • Feed the World
    • Enzo Bertucci, Director of Feed the World, Environmental
    • Luis Garcia, Director of Distribution Feed the World
    • Barry Nelson, Director Feed the World
    • Jorge Zambrano, Feed the World – Environmental International Relationships
  • Little Syria
    • Nick Amwata, Director of Feed the World, Little Syria
    • Jenn Mena-Wenstrom, Director of Little Syria Millennium Project

Millennium Employee Housing

Millennium Women Housing



  • Edward Harris, Director of Operations Departments
  • Kade Pearce, Director of Operations Departments
  • Accounting
    • Bay Abdelmaseeh, Director of Department
  • Automotive Mechanics
    • Mark Lopez, Director of Auto Mechanics
    • Juovenir Talastasin, Director of Automotive Maintenance
    • Amin Vega, Director of Automotive Mechanics
  • Belleza
    • Mokhtar Mrassli, Director of Belleza, Dermatology
    • Ele Serrablo, Director of Belleza
    • Mylyn Serrablo, Director of Belleza
  • Community Outreach
    • Kenroy Ellis, Executive Director of Community Outreach
    • Brads Neal, Director of Corporate Outreach
  • Expansion Team
    • Adam Mukiibi, Expansion Team
  • Fire Department
    • Mauricio Santini, Fire Chief
  • Human Resources
    • Edwin George, Director of Recruiting
    • Leon Oosthuizen, Director of Human Resources
    • Armin Rivera, Director of Recruiting
  • Information and Technology
    • Jordan Burgess, Director of Technical Design
    • Ed Grant, Director Information and Technology
    • Robert E. Lee, Director of Information and Technology
    • Sumithra Marimuthu, Director of Computer Design
  • Legal Division
    • Marc Levy, Chief Legal Council
    • Joseph Usher, Legal Council
    • Maryori Pereira Villarroel, Legal Council
  • Maritime Division
    • Marcelo Santini, Director of Maritime Affairs
  • Municipal Utilities
    • Carlos Lopez, Director of Municipal Utilities – Water
  • Operations Support
    • Elzaan-Mari Beylefeld, Senior Executive Liaison
    • Adriano Cabalieri, Director of Public Relations
    • Glena Stevenson, Senior Executive Liaison
  • Payroll
    • Amin Rhaman, Director of Payroll
    • Fayaz Shamshudeen, Director of Payroll
  • Procurement
    • Anne-Marie Atse, Director of Procurement
    • Sacha Meaux-Echendu, Director of Procurement
  • Security
    • Ernest Carter, Director of Security
    • Ricardo Costa, Director of Security
    • Humberto Miranda, Director of Corporate Security
    • João Neno, Assistant Director of Security
    • David Parkes, Director of Security Personnel
    • Deremiah Phillips, Director of Internal Security
    • Gordon Woods, Director of Security
  • Shipping & Receiving
    • Manish Sharda, Director of International Shipping
    • Marcello Tapia, Director of International Trade
    • Damodar Bandekar, Director of Shipping & Receiving
    • Mahmood Kanji, Director of International Shipping
  • Software Development
    • Shervin Dashbolagh, Director of Software Development
    • Aroma Salve, Director of Quality Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Training Department
  • Transportation Department

  • Travel
    • Arelis Diaz, Director of Travel
    • Pooja Shukla, Director of Travel
  • Warehousing
    • Jose Rosel Acosta, Director of Warehousing
  • Website Design
    • Tahir Ifran, Director of Website Development
    • Nazmul Haque, Director of Website Development

Property Acquisition

  • Jeanpier Anaya, Director of Property Finance
  • Rich Heyman, Director Transition Facilitates Acquisition
  • Julian Kaplan, Director of Property Acquisition

Property Management

  • Esther Camal, Director of Housekeeping
  • Pablo Greco, Director of Property Management
  • Bertha Woods, Director of Property Management

Ranch Manager

  • Roland Buchanan, Ranch Manager


  • Mujeeb Adnan, Director of Development of Agriculture
  • Ghanashyam Bhanja, Director of Farming
  • Elsner Campos, Director of Agronomists
  • Michael Faint, Director of Agriculture
  • Hardeep Ghuman, Director of Farming Operations
  • Rabia Imran, Director of Horticulture
  • Suhail Khan, Director of Hydroponics
  • Romaldo Isaac Lewis, Director of Agriculture Outreach
  • Daniel Macchi, Director of Hemp Cultivation
  • Byron Manzanero, Director of Agricultural Science
  • Bilal Naamani, Director of Permaculture
  • Ninad Patil, Director of Orchard Management
  • Prabha Renganathan, Director of Agronomists Hydroponics
  • Raju Singh, Director of Conservation Agricultural
  • Tiby Thomas, Director of Agricultural Development
  • Wilber Vega, Agronomist


  • David Velez, Director of Fisheries
  • Ramon Carcamo, Director of Fisheries


  • Laura Guzmán Guerra, Veterinarian
  • Stephanie Marshall, Director of Equestrian Programs
  • Ruben Moncada, Director of Zootechnist
  • Diego Monzón, Director of Livestock Breeding
  • Brian Torres Ruiz, Director of Equestrian Programs


  • Ricardo Moravek, Director of Vineyards

UBU High School

  • Dr. Bill Bach, Director of Administration
    • Ahmed Omar, Director of Administration, Boy’s School
    • Frances Tsakonas, Director of Educational Development
    • Zaib Unisa, Curriculum Development

Entrepreneurship Development

  • Dorian Fairweather, Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Mohammad Mohd, Director of International Education
  • Mustafa Shahat, Director of Entrepreneurship
  • Girish Wadwekar, Director of Entrepreneurship

Food Services

  • Sherina Bradley, Cook
  • Eunice Haughton, Executive Liaison
  • Ingrid Ovenstone, Director of Cuisine

Grandparent’s Program

Student Assessment

  • Karl Burke, Senior Director of Student Assessment
  • Archana Das, Director of Student Assessment
  • Leslie Heard, Director of Student Screening
  • Paul Sutherland, Director of Student Relationships

Student Assessment

  • Karl Burke, Senior Director of Student Assessment
  • Archana Das, Director of Student Assessment
  • Leslie Heard, Director of Student Screening
  • Paul Sutherland, Director of Student Relationships

Youth Sports Camps

Sports Recruiting Programs

  • Matt Shelton, Director of Youth Sports Programs
  • Thomas Williams, Director of Youth Sports Programs