UBI, the Ultimate Business International is a not for profit C corporation. We are in the beginning stages of launching our first two divisions: UBI, Construction to build our first high school, UB-HS and our Feed the World Foundation where we will address the issues of hunger and poverty around the world, especially during international disasters.

FB-schoolOur UB-HS (high school) will be built in beautiful Belize among the natural foliage and mahogany trees on 5,000 acres about 35 miles away from either of the two major cities, Belize and Belmopan. It will be self-sustainable within three to five years.

We’ll start with 500 boys and 500 girls (two separate campuses) and expand to 6,000 students within three years.

Construction for the high school will take approximately one year to complete  and will be followed by a three year project building a four year university at the same site.

UBI will address world huger, poverty, International disaster relief, education, kids at risk, youth programs, entrepreneurial training, green technology, self-sustainability and developing a higher quality of lifestyle for employees and communities we embrace.

It is our goal to launch in twenty countries within ten years educating 250,000 students ages 15-18 and employing 90,000 people around the world.

For more information please refer to our About Page.