UBI Construction Division is headed up by Ralph Thompson.

The first of our construction projects is the 5 million square foot campus for our high schools, 10 million square feet of residence and manufacturing and 10 million square feet for our four year university. We’ll also build about 50 million square feet for our entertainment.It will be located in Belize and and will include:

  •   4,370,000 square feet – boy’s and girl’s school
  •         72,000 square feet – chapels
  •       556,000 square feet – townhouses
  •   9,720,000 square feet – Manufacturing
  •  49,362.000 square feet  – Desctar Jewel
  •   10,800,000 square feet – 4 year university

The first campus will take approximately four years to complete but we will begin classes as soon as we have ample dormitories and classrooms complete.

Additional campuses will be launched starting with Australia and then we will target two new campuses each year.

Additional projects will include:

        • Amphitheater
        • Communities for Employees
        • Communities for Single Welfare Mothers
        • Country Beautification Projects
        • Hotels
        • Orphanages