Our manufacturing plan is extensive! We will grow our own hemp so we can make our own clothes, hats, backpacks and even shoes.

We’ll use the hemp to make tents for the Feed the World Foundation when we fulfill the needs of those exposed to disasters around the world!

We will manufacture our own glass jars to can our excess vegetables and meat for our emergency preparedness programs.

We will be able to harvest the mahogany trees on the property and manufacture furniture and even boats. We’ll also be planting three trees for every one we harvest along with growing trees which are ideal for making furniture.

We’ll have beehives to have natural honey so we can address the allergies of our youth and employees. It is the most natural means of controlling pesky pollens.

Our coffee plantation (so far (400 acres) will be our most financially rewarding crop. We’ll be able to produce unique blends of coffee and even flavored coffees.

Pittosporum resiniferumWe will manufacture our own organic fuel. It will take about seven years to grow the petroleum nut, Pittosporum resiniferum from the Philippines as well as the Jatropha curcas found in Mexico.

Cocoa plants are easily grown in Belize. They produce a good return on the time invested in the crop and it will be a lot of fun to have your very own chocolate fields!

The Lupin Bean from Australia came to our attention since it produces a gluten free bean which can be used in place of flour. There are too many students who have developed gluten allergies and this will be a great way of circumventing the issue.

We will be growing grapes for a long term plan to harvest grapes to produce our own specialty wines.

There is no limit to what we can manufacture or even invent in products as we go along! We will support our manufacturing either with our own consumption or for products going to market around the world.