Business Development

Our Fundraising Programs are as much about generating income for all of our programs as they are to raise awareness around the world to encourage others to become involved and create programs of their own.

It amazed me when I read it only took 12 people banning together to have the US secede from England’s control. That is undisputed as one of the most world changing events of all times. The power of people banning together to make this a safer, cleaner and more free world is not novel by any means. Yet we will strive to encourage others to define their passions in these areas and ban together to achieve monumental strides in achieving these goals throughout the world.

Business Development will include:

  • Descatar Jewel
  • Incubators
  • Inventions and Innovations
  • Manufacturing

Some of our fundraising projects will include:

  • Art Festivals
  • Auctions
  • Dive Trips to Belize and Australia
  • Education Distribuion
  • Entrepreneurial Expos
  • Golf Tournaments
  • Music Festivals
  • NPO Expos
  • Sports Expos
  • Think Tank Expos

Each event will be an ongoing effort to encourage entrepreneurship, community involvement and a more synergistic environment among those guided to make a difference.