We will approach health and wellness from a holistic stance: fewer drugs, less surgery and more focus on creating means for the body to heal itself.

Stephanie Bond is the Director of Participants for our Bienestar (Wellness) Centers.

Stephanie Bond
Director of Participants

We will be equipped with devices from all over the world:

  • Beemer Board
  • BioMettronics
  • Hyperbaric Chambers
  • MedBed
  • Pure Light
  • Royal Rife Machine
  • Scalar Wave Laser
  • TheraPhi

Just to name a few. We have a machine coming from the Ukraine that will reverse alcoholism and drug addiction in 95% of anyone standing with range of the electromagnetic filed, even if there are more than 100,000 people in the audience.

There will be three facilities in the beginning. One on each campus and one for the general public. There will never be a charge for anyone to use the facilities.

Other programs will be directed by practitioners to help improve memory, eliminate negative emotions, obtain optimum health and even remote viewing.

Galen Friend, Bienestar Processes Acquisitions Director will search out courses around the world to add to our curriculum and to the resources for Bienestar’s wellness and educational programs. Galen has a broad knowledge of programs which enhance the well being of her clients.

Courses will include: Akaschic Record access; Remote Viewing; Mind Expansion; Paranormal Studies; Psychic Enhancement and courses from around the world to create the most complete wellness programs available.

Robin Grant, Bienstar Equipment Acquisition Director will bring unique and innovative healing devices to the program. She will also arrange in-depth training for the equipment. Robin has spent the last 20 years providing a wide variety of services to her clients such as Essential Oil Treatments, Oxygen Therapy and Scio Treatments.

We will continuously search for additional programs and systems to guide people to the healthiest state possible.